Admission Process

Step 1: Complete the Online Pipeline Application Process

  1. Download and complete the Clinical Care Extender Pipeline Application (Download application)
    • You MUST download Adobe Reader in order to complete the application. Download Adobe Reader here
    • Please note that you must SAVE the application to your Desktop prior to completing the application
    • Once you complete the application, SAVE then follow Step #2 below for submission.
  2. Send your Pipeline Application and 1-page resume to your desired Pipeline Site via email.
    Click the link for your desired site. A popup will open with further instructions
  3. Await confirmation of submission via email and pay the Application Fee online via the PayPal link that will be sent to you.
    Your applications will not be reviewed until your application fee has been received.

Step 2: Interview

  • Invitations to interviews have limited spaces available and will take place in the month following the application submission window.
  • Interviews are granted on a rolling basis. Please submit your application earlier in application window to have a greater chance of being invited to an interview.
  • Acceptances are granted based on application essays and performance at the interview session.

Step 3: Immunizations Open House

  • Accepted applicants will be required to provide proof of immunizations as dictated by their Pipeline site.
  • Accepted applicants must attend the Immunizations Open House at the Pipeline site to submit copies of the required immunizations and records and complete pre-training paperwork.
  • Specific information about the Immunizations Open House dates and requirements will be provided at your interview session.

Step 4: Attend Training

  • Mandatory three-day event, held on weekends, in the month before the rotation is scheduled to begin.
  • Training consists of both hands on and classroom style learning and will cover various topics that will prepare you for your internship experience including; infection control, patient care techniques, customer service, cultural competency, confidentiality, introduction to patient care team, and much more.
  • Applicants must pass the entrance exams to become a Clinical Care Extender Intern.