Clinical Care Extender Internship

The Clinical Care Extender Internship features a clinically-focused experience that gives pre-health professionals unprecedented access to direct patient care. Clinical Care Extender Interns become valuable members of the patient care team alongside nurses, physicians and allied health professionals in clinical and administrative settings. Interns receive training to participate in basic patient care tasks such as bathing, changing and feeding patients as they rotate among the different departments within the hospital. For instance, interns may have the opportunity to serve in areas such as the Emergency Department, observe surgeries performed in the Operating Rooms or witness babies being born in Labor & Delivery.

The Clinical Care Extender Internship offers:

  • Experiential education is obtained through a structured internship
  • Mentoring with health care professionals
  • Guest speakers and health care panels
  • Test-prep service discounts
  • Networking events
  • Access to COPE Health Solutions' Alumni Network
  • And much more...

In order to be successful in the Clinical Care Extender Internship, you must be a self-starter and a motivated individual. The golden rule of the Clinical Care Extender Internship is this: You will get out of the internship what you put into it – If you jump in and work hard; you will be in store for an unprecedented experience!