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New graduate nurses have seen first-hand how the current economic environment has shifted the conventional dynamics of the health care workforce landscape, creating a temporary surplus of new graduate Registered Nurses (RNs). RNs previously expected to retire have postponed retirement due to financial concerns, while those formerly in retirement have returned to the workforce. With nursing schools graduating a class of new RNs every six months, there are now large numbers of new graduate RNs struggling to find employment as nurses.

Without some form of experiential education to keep them engaged within the health care field, there is a risk that new graduate nurses will become frustrated and leave health care, allow their licenses and skills to lapse.

With the coming exodus of baby boomers from nursing, in tandem with an aging population requiring more complex acute care services, it is clear that the nurse surplus is only temporary. The PrepStep-RN program cultivates a pipeline of best-fit nursing candidates who are able to maintain their nursing knowledge, become familiar with the hospital culture and staff, and can be readily drawn upon to fill vacancies.

PrepStep-RN is a 24-week experiential educational opportunity for California-licensed new graduate nurses in the acute care hospital setting. PrepStep-RN participants become a part of the patient care team, as they shadow experienced nurses for 12-hour shifts on nursing units. Program participants are typically scheduled for shifts on units with existing or anticipated entry-level nursing position openings, making them prime candidates for filling the vacancies. View full position description

Components of PrepStep-RN include:

  1. Training on topics such as therapeutic communication, customer service and diversity in health care
  2. Comprehensive career skills workshops
  3. Experiential education through rotations in different clinical departments and participation in simulation lab activities, variable by PrepStep-RN facility

The PrepStep-RN program offers:

  • Experiential education is obtained through the structured program
  • Mentoring with experienced nurses and nursing unit directors/managers
  • Networking events
  • Access to COPE Health Solutions' Alumni Network
  • And much more...

In order to be successful in the PrepStep-RN program, you must be motivated and take initiative during your internship. If you jump in and work hard, you will have a memorable and valuable experience that will better position you for success in the RN job marketplace!

Get your foot in the door of potential employers